The Power of Positive Thinking

Whether you are a in a relationship, a business entrepreneur or a patient, positive thinking and optimism can greatly influence your success and achievement. 

Couples, who focus on the positives of their relationship and celebrate each other’s differences, respect and strengthen their bond. Couples who focus on the negative aspects of their relationship or the negative characteristics of their partner see their relationships suffer or die.

Thinking about your own business? If you aren’t an optimist, don’t start a business. Optimism is needed to motivate staff and to get you through the many ups and downs every business experiences.

In studies conducted over more than three decades, optimism was found to improve results and the recovery times of patients in every type of situation from pain management to corrective surgery.

Some people are naturally positive, always optimistic and seeing the glass half-full. Others need to learn how to become more optimistic and approach things in a more positive manner. If you aren’t naturally positive, then you must train yourself to look for the best rather than the worst outcomes. How do you do this?

  • Start appreciating what you have and be grateful for everything that touches your life in a good way.
  • Stop looking for faults and making judgments. If you drift towards these thoughts pause and think of two or three things that you are grateful for or happy about and concentrate on these instead.
  • Surround yourself with friends and acquaintances who are optimistic and gracious. Find a “good news” radio, TV station.
  • Greet every day by looking in the mirror with a smile on your face. Make an effort to do something nice for someone every day; something simple that will make them (and you) smile.

All of us have the ability to be optimistic and bring the power of positive to our lives!


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