At we share your passion for the weekend and have a catalog of products to make your weekend better than ever!

For six years we have studied fashion and been forced to enjoy our weekends for science. Watching others relax and enjoy life we uncovered some of our own inhibitions involving dress, sex and enjoyment. Our website offers you products to meet the biggest inhibitions we discovered, head on. 

Recounting our own weekend experiences, we concluded there are three main themes a great weekend is built around... 

Fun. Whether getting together with friends, or grabbing a friend and partying at a club, fun helps the stress of the work week melt away.   

Romance, love and sex. Whether with a companion or on the prowl, physical or emotional involvement with another person is something most of us crave and always hope to find.

Kick back. After being worn down by the main entrées, at the end of the weekend, it’s time to just chill with a friend. No pressures, just a let-your-hair-down time to compare notes and share a little gossip.